Yoni baths and steams work wonders for vaginal health. I personally love them for my cycle, vaginal skin health and relaxation. This healing herb mix has a piece of nurturing rose quartz in it to aid in your steam or bath. This mix is Lavender, Yarrow, Mugwort, Calendula, Rose Petals, Chamomile. 


Lavender: to ease the mind, body and aura

Yarrow: for flow regulation 

Mugwort: calms and nurishes the uterus

Rose: tones and enriches vaginal skin 

Calendula: Aids in vaginal healing 

Chamomile: soothing anti fungal 

Rose Quartz: love & self love support

This is for one bath or steam & one Palo Santo stick. Burn this stick like sage to groung, cleanse and calm the mind, body and soul. 


** Holistic healing is not to replace modern medicine. Please make sure you see a doctor if you have any medical or health issues.*** 

Yoni Herbs 1oz

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