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About Me

Geneva Monet

Here for a good time not a long time, I'll show you the divine with all the light my heart shines. It's duality baby, you'll see. Now I got some tools, I'll play The Fool, but you are the light, and have every thing you need on this journey, aight. 

           I am NaturalGMonet. I am a Pineapple God, Shea Butter Whipping, Kombucha Creating, Pescatarian Munching, Crystal Loving, Food Chef-ing, Jewelry Making, Life Living, Yeti that is into Wholistic Health and Living. Back in college, my mind was opened to the world of natural hair. I spent many moons researching the science of black hair and natural hair care. From this research, I was introduced to a world of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and mentors. I love people and our many talents. This is why I feature Creators on my page and in store. All of my research and experiences sparked my YouTube Channel www.YouTube/NaturalGMonet, blog, hair styling, shea butter making and speaking days. Products and books were sent to me to read, review and promote. Over time I found my craft Whipped Shea Butter. After many batches and recipes, I found the perfect formula to help with every part of the body from crown to toe.

         That journey sparked another... God has shown me a path of trials, tribulations, and rewards that lead me to my most divine understanding of self and life. I have a new appreciation for the body, energy, power, and attitude. My love for Earth, more natural ways of living, prayer, and positivity have changed my life. Natural medicine has been a recent addition to my library of knowledge. My love for homegrown food and natural health remedies has aided me to a better lifestyle. I took control of my life. Which propelled a powerful lifestyle change. Due to this I have personally lowered my blood pressure, lost weight, detoxed my system, balanced my reproductive ph/health, gained better mental sanity/clarity & more! The journey is ever going but it is well worth the time and dedication needed for a better, more positive, and abundantly manifesting journey for you. 

           I created this site not only to bring you my products but to give you Information, Other Shooting Stars, Help, Peace & More! Welcome & Enjoy!


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