G. Monet

           I am NaturalGMonet. I am a Pineapple God, Shea Butter Whipping, Kombucha Creating, Pescatarian Munching, Crystal Loving, Food Chef-ing, Jewelry Making, Life Living, Yeti that is into Wholistic Health and Living. Back in college, my mind was opened to the world of natural hair. I spent many moons researching the science of black hair and natural hair care. From this research, I was introduced to a world of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and mentors. I love people and our many talents. This is why I feature Creators on my page. All of my research and experiences sparked my YouTube Channel www.YouTube/NaturalGMonet, blog www.naturalgmonet.com, hair styling, shea butter making and speaking days. Products and books were sent to me to read, review and promote. On the knowledge page, you can find posts from my blog which has helpful tips. Over time I found my craft Whipped Shea Butter. After many batches and recipes, I found the perfect formula to help with every part of the body from crown to toe.

          In recent years my God has shown me a path of trials, tribulations, and rewards that lead me to my most divine understanding of self and life. I have a new appreciation for the body, energy, power, and attitude. My love for Earth, more natural ways of living, prayer, and positivity have changed my life. Natural medicine has been a recent addition to my library of knowledge. My love for homegrown food and natural health remedies has aided me to a better lifestyle. I took control of my life. Which propelled a powerful lifestyle change. Due to this I have personally lowered my blood pressure, lost weight, detoxed my system, balanced my reproductive ph/health, gained better mental sanity/clarity & more!

           I created this site not only to bring you my products but to give you Information, Other Shooting Stars, Help, Peace & More! Welcome & Enjoy www.NaturalGMonets.com!