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Love Spell is a high vibrational oil. The base oil this is created with was charged in the sun for and placed under the altar for some time with Clear Quartz inside the oil. I patiently waited until I had all of the items I wanted and for the right time to create them. This oil is to be used to dress your hands, body, deck, or altar. this oil can also be used in spell, prayer or manifestaion work. it has a light fragrance and can be worn daily. This oil is also a pink color to emulate the energy of love/self love and the heart chakra. This baby is packed full of love and was the first created oil in y series. This oil has:


Rose Petals: The Divine feminine flower roses are wonderful for love energy. The rose is a beatiful highly reveraed flower to represent love and romance. The flower that is the universal symbol of love across the world.


Rose Quartz: The heart chakra is the ruler of love and self love. A balanced heart chakra aids in the love of self and others. A damaged heart chakra an cause us to have low self esteem and sometimes a bad choice in friends and lovers. Rose Quartz is a stone that will help you dissapate emotional traua and helps the heart heal for new love. A great stone for love and self love. 


Rose Oil: Rose oil is good for love, skin health and the heart chakra. 


For external use only. My stain clothing. 

Love Spell Manifestation Oil

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