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God Body is a high vibrational oil. The base oil this is created with was charged in the sun for and placed under the altar for some time with Clear Quartz inside the oil. I patiently waited until I had all of the items I wanted and for the right time to create them. This oil is to be used to dress your hands, body, deck, or altar. this oil can also be used in spell, prayer or manifestaion work. it has a light fragrance and can be worn daily. This oil is also a pearly white to emulate white light energy in your Divine, the universe and us all. This oil has:


Palo Santo: Also known as a Holy Wood and Native American Holy Wood. The scent it known to heal the mind and wash away stress. A known antidepressant. It can clear negativy energy. It brings blessings when you use it while praying or doing divination work.


Selenite: Selenite is a wonderful stone for divination by connecting you to your higher self and Divine. This nurturing stone is a mother stone and is infinantly healing. This is a very cleansing crystal and will cleanse and change you and your aura. This very peaceful stone is great for meditation. 


24k Gold: Gold is a cherished mineral of the all humans and gods alike. 


For external use only. My stain clothing. 

God Body Manifestation Oil