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✨⚔️ Evil’s-A-Foot 🧿✨

There are several ways to cleanse yourself spiritually and physically. Salt is a major spiritual cleanser and body cleanser. This scrub was purposefully created to cleanse any negative energy out through the feet. This is an oil rich product made with high quality oils and Crystals. The Black Tourmaline sand will work to dissipate negative energy from your aura and ground you. The Amethyst is intentionally selected to protect your mind and aura. These foot scrubs are $11.11 and can be found online and in store.

This scrub includes black seed oil which is high in antioxidants and is great for the skin. Peppermint is a great antibacterial and is wonderful for opening up pores and cleaning. Lemongrass is refreshing and is a wonderful cleansing aide.


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