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Money Maker is a high vibrational oil. The base oil this is created with was charged in the sun for and placed under the altar for some time with Clear Quartz inside the oil. I patiently waited until I had all of the items I wanted and for the right time to create them. This oil is to be used to dress your hands, body, deck, or altar. this oil can also be used in spell, prayer or manifestaion work. it has a light fragrance and can be worn daily. This oil is also a green to emulate the energy of money and wealth. This oil has:


Shredded Real Money: Money enhances your spell work and has it's own vibrational energy. Money is added to altars, candles and spells to quicken and strengthen the effect of the manifestation. 


Basil: Basil is a herb that has been used of rhundreds of years for money and abundace. It is used ot dress candles, altars oils and more. 


Green Aventurine: This stone is known for abundance, wealth and luck, but specifically luck with money. It is said to bring back money lost during times of bad decisions. Because this stone is associated with heart it is said to help manifest deep desires. This stone is also great for gaining new opportunities. 


24k Gold: Gold is a cherished mineral of the all humans and gods alike. This is added to add a wealth intentions.  


For external use only. My stain clothing. 

$$ Money Maker Manifestation Oil $$

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