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I really wanted to hit the spring and summer season on point these perfect juicy babies are perfect. Each one is hand crafted and unique. Was made to be worn close to the neck, chest and crown. 


Center is a gorgeous brass wrapped 7 Chakra stone. 


  • Crown: Clear Quartz is thee numberone clarity stone and oldest known healer. Perfect for balance for the mind and aura. Aligns all chakras. 
  • Third Eye: Amethyst is tride and true for being great for anxiety, discernment and mental protection. 
  • Throat: Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for wisdom and communication. It pairs well with amethyst and is said to also aide in communicaiton of all kind both spritual and not. 
  • Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz is a favorite. It does wonders for emotional trauma and healing the heart. 
  • Solar Plexus: Citrine for all things money, abundance, and brightness. Negatity does not survive 
  • Sacral: Goldstone pops just like it's purpose. It's great for aiding you in obtaining your goals. It reduces tensiona and is said to aid eyou in a more positive attitude. 
  • Root: Hematite is a stone of grounding, healing & stabilization. It is said to increase your intuition by bring higher consciouses to your root. 


Can be cleaned with a cloth or lemon juice/baking soda mixture. 

18" Chakra Choker Hematite Root

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