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I really wanted to hit the spring and summer season on point these perfect juicy babies are perfect. Each one is hand crafted and unique. Was made to be worn close to the neck, chest and crown. 


Center is a gorgeous brass wrapped 7 Chakra stone. 


  • Crown: This high quality Clear Quartz point will clear and balance the mind. Clear Quartz balances and stabalizes the aura and chakras. Very healing stone. 
  • Third Eye: Amethyst is tride and true for being great for anxiety, discernment and mental protection. This charm is created with a high quality polished amethsyt chard. 
  • Throat: Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for wisdom and communication. It pairs well with amethyst and is said to also aide in communicaiton of all kind both spritual and not. 
  • Heart Chakra: Malachite is a beautiful stone that does wonders for the body and heart. It aligns your vibratioons and folds negativity. 
  • Solar Plexus: Tigers Eye for strength, protection and focus. I love this stone for it also balances masculine and feminine enegies. 
  • Sacral: Carnelian is an absloute favorite. This juicy carnelian lights your fire within. A wonderful stone for increasing energy and boosting self esteem.
  • Root: Red Coral is often an over looked stone. It does a dynamic boost to your power and confidence. It stabalizes your aura and is said to aid in immortaility. 


This necklace is pure copper with pure copper wrapped charms. The clasp is copper coated  solid brass. The center stone is wrapped in solid brass.


Can be cleaned with a cloth or lemon juice/baking soda mixture. 

18" Chakra Choker Clear Quartz Crown

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