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          Crystals come in all shapes, molecular structures, regions and vibrations. Crystal healing is a hundreds of year old practice that has been used by spirit workers and others alike. Crystals have an energy about them that can be picked up by both people and machines. By keeping crystals around you, you amplify good thoughts, vibrations and energy in your home. I was introduced to crystals at a very young age. I remember being at Six Flags, Craft Shows or other places and seeing pretty stones in big buckets. You could fill up a pouch for various prices. I begged my mom for the money and made my first crystal purchase not even aware of what I was buying, I just knew it was something. All my life I built on that something and the work that comes with using crystals.

          Crystals are found in many religious works as well and can be found in the Bible and many other ancient works. They are used for protection and to aid you on your journey. They have been dated back in their use for over 5000 years.

The More You Know!

Common & Starter Crystals

Clear Quartz

It is a powerful Crystal that has been used by healers and people for thousands of years. This is a good crystal for the mind aiding in concentration as well as memory. This Crystal stores and amplify energy. It is said to be the guiding light. Clear Quartz resonates to your needs. It is said to speed up one's prayers. It also aides in spiritual growth; can help one heal faster. This Crystal pushes away negative energy and is said to be mother of crystals. It stimulates he crown chakra but also aligns and balances all of your chakras.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of the heart linked directly to the Heart Chakra. It is the stone of Unconditional Love. This stone has a deep feminine energy. It is said to rid emotional wounds and fears. Gives a loving energy to your aura. A heart opening stone that helps with receiving and giving love. Great for pregnant women to enhance bonding during pregnancy. This is a very wonderful nurturing stone.

Amethyst does wonders for the crown and third eye chakra. This crystal has been known to be an anxiety reducer for hundreds of years. It is also the sobriety stone and aids in a cleaner clear mind and body. Amethyst and the rich color purple is a protective, royal and

enlightening stone. This stone is amazing. BUT please note, amethyst can also enhance psychic abilities. Sleeping with amethyst and using it in spirit work has given me many beautiful first hand spiritual experiences.

Money! Creativity! Manifestation! This stone is my jam. Citrine is a negative energy repellent. It can dissolve negativity energy from any environment. It is also known as the success stone aiding in success. This stone does not absorb negative energy like others so it doesn't need to be cleared. Since I learned about the wonderful properties of citrine, I always keep it around me.

Also known as "Fools Gold" this third eye aid is wonderful at protection. This stone protects its wearer against negative vibrations. This crystal enhances all energy fields with is powerful vibrations. This is a mind strengthening stone.

Tigers Eye
Masculine energy favorite. Tiger Eye balances the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra which helps with personal empowerment; known as the stone which channels vibrations of will. It aides with clear thinking. Tiger eye is also a protecting stone and helps with prosperity.

Moonstone is a top stone for channeling fertility. Moonstone is said to be the stone of strength and growth. It helps ease the mind while enhancing intuition. It pulls you closer to your natural rhythm like the waves to the moon. It promotes fertility in your aura. Meditate with this stone while taking a yoni steam or bath. This stone can also be used for meditation and can be placed under your pillow.

The stone that keeps you close to the light. I love the flashes in the sun. Labradorite is a stone that directly helps you spiritual journey by raising your consciousness. This stone aids with anxiety and stress relief. Wonderful stone if you are going through something. Because of how it worked with keeping you close to divinity, it aids in psychic gifts.

Jasper is a grounding stone that aides in the stability of your aura. Jasper is said to be aligned with the earths electromagnetic field. As the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper provides comfort and security, strength and healing. It can balance the aura to a levels of peace & fulfillment. Powerful stone that aides the mind during times of independence.


Hematite is such a delight! Hematite is also a powerful grounding stone that harmonizes the body. This stone dissolves negative energy and is good to keep close. I love how cool it feels on the skin and the calming effect it gives.

Snowflake Obsidian 

This is a POWERFUL CRYSTAL! I have done a bit of spiritual work with this crystal. With snowflake obsidian I was able to interact with ancestors through spirit and dream work. I have never experienced anything like the glory of snowflake obsidian. Snowflake obsidian is perfect for the root chakra and root work. It aides you in communication with the ancestors.  It blocks psychic attacks and removes negativity. This is a stone that I only touch when I need some answers. 

Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz 

I have already explained these crystal types above. Again, clear quartz is a master healer and can amplify spirit work being done. Selenite is very cleansing and aligns you with divinity. Amethyst is so powerful that it can cause upset stomach and dizziness. I have used these crystals for dream work, spirit work and life. 

Metaphysical Work & Advanced Crystals

Crystal Shapes


Spheres are great for sending energy infinitely around them. They have a whole, global and universal feeling. This shape is wonderful for scrying as they are said to give glimpses to the future.


Clusters are known to send energy all over. Those tiny points point in all directions and can uplift a room. Clusters are very grounding and raising harmony. 


Cubes are found naturally in nature with some minerals like pyrite and fluorite. Cubes are very grounding as they represent foundation and the building blocks of life. Cubes are great for meditation and earth connections. 


The shape of desire Pyramids are said to be great for manifestation. The tip of the pyramid can channel energy & send our intentions straight upwards. 

Double Terminated Points

DT's are said to take negative energy in and push positive energy out. They can channel energy in and out. They represent north vs south & east vs west.

Points & Wands

Points are wonderful for directing energy in one direction. They  are strong generators for energy as well. Placing them in a room will provide protection from negative energy. 


Eggs represent fertility and the nurturing sde of things. Egg shaped crystals have been used for over 5,000 years. 

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