Yoni Eggs

I love a good cleansing and grounding session filled with self love and deep thoughts. These gorgeous babies heal, tighten and align your mind and body from the inside out.

             Yoni eggs have been used for thousands of years to heal, uplift and strengthen women from the womb out. This practice can tap in on your sexual power, awaken your feminine self and aide in healing. Yoni is Sanskrit word for sacred space. Cleansing and taking care of this space is very beneficial. Yoni egg use can strengthen your pelvic muscles which can cause better orgasms, easier child birth, increased libido and sensitivity. These eggs engage pelvic floor muscles and that can cause lose of sensitivity and reproductive health problems. What happens when you don't use it? You lose it! Do not let such a critical muscle go without exercise for so long. 

Cleanse: Cleanse your egg. When I first get my egg, I boil it in salt water for two minutes to remove any dirt. Once it cools down after a few hours, it is clean and ready to be used. ​

Inserting & Exercise: Inserting your yoni egg is super easy. If you use tampons you are half way there. Wash your hands and egg first. Simply lay on your back and place the egg at your vaginal opening. Then take two fingers and push the egg into your vagina about 2 inches up until you feel the egg rest and snuggle in. No you cannot push the egg into your cervix. That would be very painful and almost impossible. After doing this I like to mediate, do some stretches or yoga. For my first session work with my egg for 45min-1hr. While meditating, I do "Kegel Exercises."  Once you get used to the egg, you can wear it anywhere and for longer periods. Once you are finished with your egg, wash it off and place it on your altar, dresser, etc. 

Yoni Herb Pack: The Yoni Herb Pack that can be purchased with your egg can be used in several ways. You can use the herbs to cleanse your eggs or self. When boiling the egg you can add the herb mix to cleanse the egg. You may also use the herbs for a yoni steam. Use (1) pack of herbs to 8 cups of water. The pack can also be added to bath water for a nice soak. 

Charging & Storing: After using my egg for a month I sage it then cleanse it overnight in a sea salt bath. This removes negative energy and impurities. I then place my egg in the sunlight, moonlight, or close to selenite which charges and amplifies crystals it is around. 

How to Use

Yoni Eggs