Curls: Bantu Knots On Locs

Bantu Knots are so clutch! They give you that unique ethereal look you were going for while also curling your tresses. Curls for the girls! I love curls & I love bantu knots so this is kind of a dual style! Recently I tried two types of curls on my locs. I have 67 locs. After washing and moisturizing my hair I give myself a light rewist as I go. I put three locs in a knot at a time. If your locs cannot stay in a knot then use black rubber bands or bobby pins to hold the ends down. I wore my bantu knots for two - three days. If the bantu knots are worn and heavily slept on for more than a few days your curls will have bends in them and less curls. After I took the knots out I lightly moisturized my hair. These are my results. If you bantu knots your hair in smaller knots the curls will be tighter. The larger the knots the looser the curls. For Loc Jewelry by me check out:

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