Product Review: A Bit Of Curls Line

I have seen this product in stores quite a few times. I even tried one of their coconut shampoos about two or three years ago. This was my first time trying the product. Overall the line is great. The smells all the way down to the texture of the product itself is wonderful. The presentation of the product aesthetically is pretty and makes you want to give it a try

Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream Cost: $15.00 Smell: Pleasant, Light & Airy Texture: Creamy Rating: 7/10 This product is great. I love the way it smells. It's as if while using it I am taken to a different place. It cleans hair very gently and that is good if that is what you are looking for. It does not bubble up and that was the only issue I had with it but it was a major issue. I felt like I did not know how much to use. Though suds and bubbles are just additives to fool consumers, I am the consumer that likes being fooled. Bubbles help me see if I distributed the shampoo fully through out my hair. With this product I simply could not tell and when I was finished I could not tell if my hair was clean or not. I knew it was clean because the water ran clean but past that I didn't get the feeling and for some that's the half of it. I knew my hair was clean however because my hair curled up beautifully and I could tell it was properly balanced ph wise. I loved that the most about this product.

Coconut Sublime Conditioner Cost: $16.00 Smell: Sweet & Coco-Nutty Texture: Slippery Yet Creamy Rating: 9/10

This product was my favorite one of all three of them. I LOVE the slip that is has. Using this product is amazing while hair is still wet after freshly washing it. It takes no time at all to detangle using this product and it doesn't take much. In fact I used the product twice in the picture. It feels so good and leaves your hair very soft and moisturized. I also like to mix this product with some of my other conditioners to make the perfect moisturizing slip worthy mixture. This is one that I will defiantly continue to use and buy.

Cashmere Curl Jelly Cost: $25.00 Smell: Mango & Inner Pumpkiny Texture: Slippery Rating: 8/10 The Cashmere Curl Jelly is a very interesting product. I love that fact that it is not sticky like Kinky Curly Curling Custard. And unlike Kinky Curly it dries evenly and quicker. I like using this product because it has a lot of slip and dries supporting twist outs, braid outs, and gel based styles. I used it to French Roll my hair and it kept my hair stretched and pliable. I loved how I could comb through my hair and not have the brush caught because it has that much slip. The only issue with this product if it is even an issue is that once you break the hair apart out of a twist out it still goes crazy. It does hold enough FOR MY HAIR TYPE. BUT for some that is great because it is easier for looser hair types to mold with a product like this. For my more course style I need something that would hold a little harder. Other that that this product is amazing awesome shine, slip and a great styling aid. And yes, I would get it again, for my more unstructured styles. :)

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