Balitmore Natural Hair Expo

This year's hair care expo was amazing! There was so much to do and see that it was almost overwhelming. There were classes, hair products, food, jewelry and more. I was very pleased with the location and some of the prices this year. The people at the show were friendly and welcoming it felt like we were all one bug nappy family and I loved every bit of it! The wear-able art (jewelry, clothing, hair pieces) were all beautiful and very well made. I loved everything I was exposed to. I did not know that I would be recognized by quite a few of the vendors at the show due to my blog and youtube channel!!!

When you first walked into the show you were given information as well as free giveaways. The amount of knowledge here was amazing!

My Purchases

Cost: $6

I have always heard great things about this gel and now I can try it for myself.

Cost $10

I got this crazy cool patch from Lady Bizness! The creator of the patch Ms. S. Benson did a great job! This patch is very unique and I am going to sew it onto a denim vest.

Cost: $10 (at show)

This stuff is my favorite and I purchase it every time I go to the show. The lovely ladies at the show always gets me to try a new scent and I got Spiced Vanilla!

Cost: Single Bracelet $7

Set (On

Sale) $15

These beautiful items were created by the owner of Life Designs. Each bead is hand painted and strung in these unique pieces. I love it. The colors are killer and the creativity is phenomenal.

Cost: $10

I purchased this product last year and when I saw the new packaging and presentation by Padrica Norfleet, the owner, I was surprised and very excited. She recreated the product and told me to give it a try. I cannot wait and a review will be coming soon!

Cost: $12.50

These are stud earrings by Jewel Africa Designs. I love the uniqueness of the earrings and they are light weight.

Cost: $10 each pair

These earrings are beautiful. They were sold at the hair show and the good thing about these earrings is that they are light weight! The brown cloth pair are slightly a bit heavier but not that much

Cost: $10

Loc Socks! I purchased this lock sock from Loc Socks. They had a large selection but I just loved the colors in thi

s with the paisley pattern.

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