Get your chakras alligned with this massize 2lb set. Meditate, lay these on your alter, use them for grid work and more. Each crystal is larger than a plam stone and very unique. The clear quartz has so many rainbows! This set comes with 3 palo santo sticks to aid in your meditaion. 

Crown: Clear Quartz- Clarity, over all healer, balances all chakras, aids in divinity

Third Eye: Amethyst- Protection, spiritual awakening, attunment

Throat: Blue Sodalite- Emotional balance, fights radiation 

Heart: Green Aventurine- Nurturing, health

Solar Plexus: Citrine- Creativity, abundance

Sacral: Red Jasper- Empowering, healing from sexual trauma 

Root: Hematite- Grounding, protecting, rids negative energy 

XL 1.5lb 7 Chakra Healing Set

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