Clear the negative energy from your home and aura with the wonderful smell of powerful healing sage. These bundle pieces are hand selected. I've personally saged and charged the crystals with each set. Kits are Customizable! Inbox me for details. 🍍🌙✨


Pre-Made kits are in two sizes. Regular and Large. Each Kit includes:


Abalone Shell 
🐚Regular Kit: Medium Shell
🐚Large Kit: Large Shell 
Hand Carved Wooden Stand 
🌲Regular Kit: 4"
🌲Large Kit 5"
5" Sage Stick & Palo 
🌙Regular Kit: 1
🌙Large Kit: 2 
Clear Quartz Point 
💎1 Per Kit ✨

How to Sage: 
Get ya smudging stick hot, smoky, and ready. Circle your body in smoke in a clockwise direction. Push the smoke over your body. Pray while you clear negative energy and feelings.

Walk around your home in a clockwise direction circling all windows doors, entrances and exits in a clockwise motion. Pray while doing this. After you've finished and have gotten back to your starting point, open your door/window and demand bad energy and spirits out. Keep the door open and open a window for about a minute to allow bad energy to flow out. Recharge your home with dried lavender. Protect your home and all who enter. It is your temple. They only get to you when you open your doors.

Peace & Blessings. 🍍🖤🔮

Smudge Kit

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