Snowflake Obsidian is a stone that I only touch when I want to do deep spiritual work. This stone has aided me in seeing things that I dare not describe, well not here at least. This stone is said to enhance your mind while meditating. It is able to aid you in communication with your spirit guides and pass lives. This stone is also good for root work as well as ancestral work. This stone is great for grounding and is very protecting. It purifies the mind and can help you with breaking bad habits. If you are trying to push thoughts or bad experiences away this is not the stone for you. Snowflake obsidian will pull the negative thought, person, event, trauma to the front of your mind and push you through it. I love this stone and it has taken me some time to have it in my home to work with again but I am now ready to share this with you all and open your minds. 
1 rough tumbled point. Sage option. 

POWERFUL Snowflake Obsidian