I cannot stress enough the importace of yoni and spiritual health. For me, yoni eggs are the gates to deep conscious thought about my past, present and future. Feeling the weight of the egg in my womb is a reminder of the strength and love I have for self. Get in tune with this energy and catch the wave. Medium is the perfect size to start with. It is not too big or small and has a "just right" feel.


Some things need to get lost in the abyss and that is the power of Obsidian. I have gotten over the worst negativity and spiritual attacks with this stone. This stone works hard at cleaning up energy and emotions from the past. I am always getting messages in dreams, tarot, and life and this crystal will help those messages become more clear. If you have been having trouble picking up on the hints and clues from the universe and your ancestors give this crystal a try.


Please check out more info on the Yoni egg main page. All eggs are cleansed & charged. These babies are shipped with a stand and info sheet as well. 

Obsidian Yoni Egg