Get a deep cleaning with Clear Quartz. It is a powerful Crystal that has been used by healers and people for thousands of years. This is a good crystal for the mind aiding in concentration as well as memory. This Crystal stores and amplify energy. It is said to be the guiding light. Clear Quartz resonates to your needs. It is said to speed up one's prayers. It also aides in spiritual growth & is said to help one heal faster. This Crystal pushes away negative energy and is said to be mother of crystals. It stimulates the crown chakra whie also aligning and balancing all of your chakras. Gain some clarity and nourist your crown chakra with this beautiful baby. Full of rainbows and inclusions this is the perfect peace for your altar or tarot table. Hold it out in the sun to catch some rays and check those rainbows. (WARNING: Do not place crystal in direct sunlight in the home, the light refraction could cause a fire.) 

Icy Clear Quartz Tower

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