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BBWBruja is more than myself, it is a movement. When looking up

hashtags years ago for my page I found #fawitch. #Fatwitch is flooded

with plus size non poc witches. I started tagging my picture #bbwbruja

as my urban response to this hashtag.


BBWs are the new Big Mama. Over the years men, women, children and

animals alike have come to my aid. With all my studies, I realized why. Larger

women are soft, nurturing and kind while being loud, bold and vivacious.

Weight, large breasts and wide hips are a symbol of fertility, wealth and power.

People come to us to rest on our bussoms while they heal and feel our warmth

and energy. Our size and nature paired with our spiritual know how is what

gives us some of our divinity. We make people comfortable by wearing apart

of ourself on the outside, which is our weight. There is power in this.


Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Here you will find all of my poetry, books, and other literary works. This will also be the place and space for any adult, tantric and/or kink related topics.

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