Crystal Shapes 

Crystal shapes have different uses and can direct energy differently. 


Spheres are great for sending energy infinitely around them. They have a whole, global and universal feeling. This shape is wonderful for scrying as they are said to give glimpses to the future. For Spheres Click Here.



Cubes are found naturally in nature with some minerals like pyrite and fluorite. Cubes are very grounding as they represent foundation and the building blocks of life. Cubes are great for meditation and earth connections. 


The shape of desire Pyramids are said to be great for manifestation. The tip of the pyramid can channel energy & send our intentions straight upwards. 

Double Terminated Points

DT's are said to take negative energy in and push positive energy out. They can channel energy in and out. They represent north vs south & east vs west. For DTs Click Here.


Points & Wands

Points are wonderful for directing energy in one direction. They  are strong generators for energy as well. Placing them in a room will provide protection from negative energy. 


Eggs represent fertility and the nurturing sde of things. Egg shaped crystals have been used for over 5,000 years. 



Clusters are known to send energy all over. Those tiny points point in all directions and can uplift a room. Clusters are very grounding and raising harmony. 


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