Once weighing in at over 400lbs to now being 120lbs lighter, I  am the queen of diets, fads, detoxes and more. I have finally formulated what works for me and maybe even you. I get asked a lot of questions so this page is to update you.

Tips, diets, recipes will all be listed here.  

Diet Help, Recipes, & Tips

Waistbeads for weightloss

            WaistBeads are not just beautiful. They have multiple uses. Number one, they are cute wight loss trackers. When I gain weight, I notice my waistbeads are tighter. This lets me know that  I need to get active and perhaps change some of my eating habits. They also help me determine bloating vs weight gain especially during my cycle. There are times when I take breaks from dieting and the work out culture BUT when my beads get too tight it’s time to get right! 

            The photo on the left is from November. I was bright happy and shinning BUT my waistbeads were starting to be irritating. Instead of cutting them off it was a push to change. The image on the right is from April and my waistbeads are loose and hanging. This tells me that inches and pounds have been shed. Let waistbeads awaken your energy and guide you on your weight loss journey. Check them out.